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 hygiene guide  

so I was asked to make a hygiene guide and so I am going to just list all my favs and most of these things were requested. such as tooth paste! lotions, etc. I just threw in bath bombs and things like that. and I’m going to list them by the number they go in. once/if I get my computer fixes I will put the links on the names of the products but for now, if you want a link to any of these products, then ask me or you can just type in the name I list below and it’ll most likely pop up! 

1. victorias secret: pure seduction body spray (any other sprays are just as great. this is just my fav scent) 
2. secret: cocoa butter kiss deodorant 
3. it’s a 10: leave in miracle products
4. clinique: eye makeup remover
5. jergens: natural glow body lotion
6. victorias secret: pure seduction body lotion (same as body spray( 
7. jergens: daily moisturizer body lotion
8. lush: dream cream: body  (I love lush because it’s all natural ingredients and it’s SOO refreshing. this product wins over any others tbh. you even have to refrigerate some of their products and they have expiration dates. that’s when you know it’s real stuff you’re applying to your skin) 
9. aveeno: clear completion daily facial moisturizer 
10. caress: endless kiss vanilla body wash (any body wash by caress is amazing) 
11. pantene: daily moisturizer renewal (all products) 
12. colgate: total whitening toothpaste
13. lush: bubble gum lip scrub
14. lush: flower bath bomb
15. baby lips: lip balm

any questions; ask
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This is a little weird haha but Savannah posted a picture on her twitter of all of her candles and the ones I could find are here, here, here, here, here & here!
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